Reflections on the recent burglaries, what types of crime capture our attention and how to actually prevent crime versus creating more crime.
Should poorer areas undergoing the threat of gentrification be exempted from upzoning or downzoned?
There are bills in the legislatures of California and Hawaii to create a new generation of public housing based on systems abroad. Here's why they're…
On Saturday, March 12th you can strike a blow against emissions and have fun while doing it!
When you're willing to kill off a generation of public education at the University of California to fulfill your Peter Pan syndrome.
San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston proposes a vacancy tax after a "bombshell" report from the city shows 40,000 "vacant" homes.
I delve into the "parking enforcement is ACAB" debate in Los Angeles.
The history of displacement and housing politics in Berkeley with census data.
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