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Aug 7, 2023Liked by Darrell Owens

“The Bay Area’s second most-dense region is increasingly opting for automobiles in neighborhoods built for mass-transit. The exact opposite of the transit and bike revolution in Paris. If we don’t fund the bus, there won’t be room left for anything in the East Bay besides cars”.- Darrell Owens

This condition from a state with democrats in majority control of government. A state that will outlaw the sale of gas powered lawn mowers by the end of 2023 in its perceived impact on climate change resulting only in negatively impacting the working class. Starting with austerity efforts by Ronald Reagan and right on through two terms of Clinton and Obama, and currently Biden, there has been a controlled demolition of the working class with no abatement in sight. Stop voting and donating to either political party. We live in an oligarchy that does not care one bit for the working classes. To quote the great federal court judge Constance Baker Motley, “ The greatest challenge with us into the next century will he class warfare. What to do about those of all racial and ethnic groups left behind by our latest economic revolution will challenge us all”.

All of us regardless of ideology must come together to confront this challenge to meaningfully restructure our society and improve the lives of working people and families.

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